Must-see sites in Tangier

Must-see sites in Tangier
  • Librairie Les Colonnes

    The Librairie des Colonnes, a place famous for meeting writers is undoubtedly the best bookstore in the city. In this literary temple you'll find a large selection of novels, essays and coffeetable books as well as books in French, English and Spanish. This place brings happiness to those with a love of reading!

    New city center
  • Museum d'Al Kasbah

    Al Kasbah Museum occupies what was once the Sultan's palace (Dar Mekhzen) and the Treasury in the 18th century. Architecturally speaking, this monument subscribes to the traditional Moroccan state homes style and decorated in traditional Moroccan style using zellig, carved plaster, painted wooden cielings and sculputre.

    The open courtyard, large garden, and the distinction between public and private spaces are the main features.

    The museum's permanent exhibition reconstructs the major cultural aspects of Tangier and the surrounding region. With access to the Strait of Gibraltor providing access between to the two continents, the exhibit illustrates the role the city played in Africa-Europe relations. It’s a symbol of a sacred relationship.

  • Galerie Lawrence - Arnott

    The Lawrence Arnott Art Gallery, founded in 1975 in London, is located not far from the Abdelah Guenoune library. The gallery opens its doors to numerous exhibits and collections, both national and international. Its warm and cozy atmosphere is conducive to the discovery and appreciation of art in all its glory. Every month the gallery organizes a major event inviting the public to discover a talented contemporary artist in all art forms (painting, sculpture, plastic arts, etc.).

  • Musee Forbes

    Located in the heart of Mendoub Palace inside the medina is the Forbes Museum. It was established by the American billionnaire of the same name. Included in the collection is approximately 115,000 tin soldiers from around the world. The museum has recreated some of the largest battles in history, such as the Battle of Waterloo, using tin soldiers and sound and special effects. The museum is family-friendly and a must see in Tangier.

  • La Legation Americaine

    Offered to the United States of America in 1821 by the Sultan Moulay Slimane, this building was a consulate for 135 years. Today it’s been renovated into a museum, much to the delight of Anglophone and international tourists. You’re sure to be impressed by the calmness that exists. The purely Moroccan architecture adds to the museum. And the building houses the only English-language library in the Kingdom, a genuine part of the two countries’ heritage.