A lunch break that won’t break the bank

A lunch break that won’t break the bank
  • Otori Sushi

    Just a few minutes from the large Post Office in Tangier, Otori Sushi is one of the newest and trendies Tangerian establishments, specializing in Japanese cuisine. Step inside this modernly and elegantly decorated restaurant to a enjoy quick and healthy meal from the land of the rising sun: sushi, maki, sashimi, tempura, to name a few. WIth its dim lights and impeccable service, it’s a great place for those watching their weight and their wallets. Stop by for a mid-day break from the daily grind.

  • Fortunas Del Mar

    This restaurant welcomes hungry visitors in a decor inspired by the colours of Morocco and the Mediterranean in a festive and warm environment. The menu here offers a diverse range of seafood specialities. And it keeps your waistline and your wallet in mind . It’s a lunch break spent between the land and the sea!

  • Sol Del Alba

    Sol Del Alba is a picturesque place colourfully decorated with Spanish, French and Moroccan influences. The menu includes a large selection of Spanish dishes like paella and other local specialities such as couscous. Most dishes are fish- or seafood-based using products that are caught daily. The place is nice and you’ll feel at ease. Ideal for lunch on the go, with friends or colleagues. And it’s possible to eat quickly and healthy.

  • Tamarin Restaurant Traiteur

    Looking for an original and exotic place for your next lunch break? Stop by Le Tamarin, specialists in African food and in particular, Senegalese cuisine. The restaurant offers a catering service and delivery to your office or home, free up to 12 people. It’s the answer to you office lunch! From Kedjenou chicken to Yassa fish or even the Thialguene salad, it’s completely exotic. A lunch break that will take you to the heart of the African cuisine.