Librairie les Insolites

Librairie les Insolites

Librairie les Insolites is a cultural centre, par excellence. Both a bookstore, photo gallery and tea room, meet-and-greets, book signings and exhibitions often take place here.

Owner's word
The bookstore the unusual is the only place in Tangier or can be both sipping a drink, relax on the small terrace overlooking the pedestrian street, discover rich photos that diverse Mediterranean contemporary artists exhibition, spot the rock of Gibraltar by sky to buy his books.

And the books, this is not what is lacking in the bookstore the unusual, you will find books of literature of the great Maghreb & franco-méditerranéenne, contemporary novels, pockets, bestselling, youth, opportunities, vintage books, art & design, treats, music events and works in English and Spanish....

-Tea and reading lounge.
-Photo gallery.

Librairie les Insolites 28, Rue Khalid Ibn Oualid, 90000 - Tangier Voir sur Google Maps
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