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Rugby for the less privileged

SPORTS On October 19, 2001, the Association de Rugby de Tanger (ART) welcomed new management, that of Etienne Gaborit and Jalil Zniber. Sports, friendship, solidarity and serious are the words that describe this organization. And Made in Tanger had a chance to find out more about its initiatives.

It’s by practising rugby that the association hopes to help street children. Based on the four key areas identified, ART hopes to help children with educational support, to help them discover their country through sporting events held throughout the Kingdom, show them the world of business in a professional setting and lastly, provide assistance with integrating into social settings.

ART volunteers try to offer these youth an opportunity to devote themselves to a sport that doesn’t require proving one’s self. With no permanent field available, it’s place that they’ve never really had. It wasn’t until 2010 that the City of Tangier finally agreed to rent the space at PlayParc to ART, in exchange for a substantial amount for the association.

Getting to know their country

Tournaments are organized throughout Morocco, allowing the children to discover their own country. But they’ll also have the chance to go abroad, like in 2009 when ART organized the first trip abroad to Tunisia for the first Mediterranean rugby tournament. The children came back with the trophy for friendliest and most respectful team.

Activities have taken place all year: Achoura, afternoon recreational activities, raffles, distribution of classroom furniture for the children. But also invitations to tournaments, an end-of-year celebration and cocktail party for the sponsors, a way to show the results of the program, and a nice way to thank them for their support.

With no assistance from the city, ART tries to organize diverse activities to raise the funds needed to survive, like selling merchandise or raffle tickets.

Text Zineb Bennouna
Photo DR
Translation Mandy Sinclair