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Fresh fish at Grand Socco

MARKET The fishermen asked for it, the city took care of it. In collaboration with the ONP (Office National des Pêches), the fish market opened up in the medina in 2010, at Place du 9 Avril.

Spread out over a 2720 m2 covered space, the new fish market offers a new place, a cleaner, securer and replaces the old market at the port.  


The area at the port could no longer meet the demands of the receiving large quantities of fish.   On top of this, vendors had to sell their products from trucks, outside the planned area, and in conditions that were not necessarily safe or met hygienic standards.


After several months of work and a 2.5-million-dirham investment paid for by the city and the ONP, the place is ready for the fishermen, who now have safer working conditions with a non-slip floor, a must-have in this profession

Everything was planned: streamline the sanitation standards, update the water and electricity network, a new lighting system, and display cases as well as a marble surface to clean the fish.

Strategically located

Located in a strategic location in the commercial area, it’s just a few steps from the Place Grand Socco, a popular tourist area.   The neighbouring vendors are equally content to see the fish market set up there since it plays a prime role in the development of commercial activities.

And clients as well also have an advantage since they can now do all of their shopping in one area: fish, fruit, vegetables, and groceries.  

For onlookers, a walk through the market is mandatory: very lively, welcoming and fresh fish from the port.   It’s what brings this area to life.

Text and photo Zineb Bennouna
Translation Mandy Sinclair