Darna, a home for the poorest

ASSOCIATION Reknowned association, the Darna cooperative was founded in 1995 by a group of citizen who wanted to help children in difficult situations be offering a variety of activities. Shelter, training farm, women’s community house, and above all a theatre are giving hope to these street kids.

Darna, or our house in Arab, is place for street children. After having studied the needs of this population, the cooperative has put in place several initiatives. But above all, it’s a shelter that’s been created for children between the ages of eight and 17 and provides living accommodation, food, and a clean living environment.

From the group home, the youth can train in different professions including: ironwork, carpentry, bakery, or even textiles. And in addition to the urban professions, agriculture is also taught on a training farm outside Tangier in the countryside.

If you head towards the Place du Grand Socco, the women will be happy to offer you one of their lunches in the women’s shelter. In addition to offering affordable meals, they also train in various professions like secretarial, aestetitics, the restaurant and clothing industries and also learn about their rights.

A theatre with several artistic productions

The most important structure is the Darna theatre located at Place du Grand Socco. This theatre acts as an experimental space for many artistic and educational activities. Darna is now in its seventh season and several innovative and artistic projects are underway for the next seasons.

The cooperate was started by help from friends, different donors and theatre ticket sales. It received a Spanish grant, but it’s been removed following the economic crisis.

Today the organization receives an English donation but it’s trying to sustain itself. All kinds of assistance and contributions are needed to ensure it continues to thrill the children and bring a smile to their face.

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Text Zineb Bennouna
Photo DR
Translation Mandy Sinclair