Contemporary art in Tangier

Per: Julien ANTINOFF  

CULTURE Housed in a large villa built in 1890 to host the British Consulate, the Museum of Contemporary Art features the work of many Moroccan artists. Consisting of six rooms, the museum organizes temporary exhibitions.

Located in the English district, this museum has been open since 1990. Built to house the British Consulate, the building was renovated and transformed into the House of Culture in 1986. Four years later, it became the Contemporary Art Museum of Tangier, inside the contemporary works of Moroccan artists are dsiplayed throughout the different rooms. Each represents a different stage in the evolution of the artist movement in Morocco. In addition to the continous exhibitions, temporary exhibitions are also organized with the aim of highlighting the work of national and international artists. 

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From the first room, the canvas shows the first works of contemporary painting made in the Kingdom, which mix traditional Western art and abstract painting. The second room is devoted to the evolution of abstract painting in the 50s with two distinct themes; the Spanish school with a combination of academic forms and the French school with a unique style and symbolic patterns. The artists of the third and fourth rooms concenrate on the history of the creation of the country, the cultural and artistic imabalance exercised within the Kingdom. 

Finally, the sixth and final rooms consists of three major works, including a fun geometric shape and uses of powerful symbols. The other two works do not conform to traditional art with the use of different materials, such as wood. 

Text Julien Antinoff

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Cosmo 45