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A peaceful little place!

LUXURY RIAD In the heart of the Kasbah, this peaceful little place invites guests to spend the night, stay for dinner or just stop by for a coffee on one of the four terraces. Made in Tangier stopped by to check it out.

It’s the story of Ann Igou, owner of Nord Pinus d’Aries, who fell in love with the former residence of the Pacha, and who decided to buy it to create a Tangier version of Nord-Pinus.   It’s a place where the East and the West meet, flawlessly.


And it’s along the wall of the Kasbah that we arrive at this little riad, nearly invisible from the exterior.   The studded door and a sign painted on the wall, “Hotel restaurant, Nord Pinus Tanger, Riad Sultan,” let us know we’ve arrived.


When you first enter, the place seems small, but very green.   But step inside and the riad opens up to the other levels.   A small staircase head up to the rooms, while the top level provides access to the lounges, each with its own unique style.


Eac of the lounges provide a great place to relax with a book, and each provide a different views.   A view of Spain from one, a view of the Strait from another, and an interior view. The same can also be said of the several terraces here.


East meets West

A real mix of style, the decoration in the four suites and the room has recently been renovated according to the taste of the owner who understands what it takes to make it a timeless place.

Cordoba leather, smell of cedarwood and the ocean, vintage linens and Indian silks, bronze beds, marble and zellig throughout.   All this accented by some contemporary touches that provide a bit of comfort and contemporary refinement.

In addition to hosting overnight guests, the restaurant is open to the public.   And the house speciality is fish, something that Ann wanted to introduce to the city and provide a place to enjoy Mediterranean flavoured food.

If you need to escape for awhile, there’s nothing better than one of the 4 terraces with a view of the city, where birds fly by through the beautifully drawn windows.

Text and photo Zineb Bennouna

Translation Mandy Sinclair