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A bookstore with a twist

BOOKS Librairie Les Insolites, on an ususual street, with unusual exhibitions, in an unusual city, and unusual owner. Yet all these elements make this an atypical and unique bookstore in Tangier.

Originally from the south of France, Stéphanie arrived in Morocco seven years ago and jumped into the real estate market. But she always had the idea for a cultural project, in particular one involving books, in the back of her mind. So in January 2010, she opened her bookstore and created some buzz.

Passing through the doors of Librairie les Insolites, clients tend to make themselves at home: flip through books or magazines, have a coffee, chat with clients and perhaps even purchase a new book, often a limited edition. Stéphanie designed the bookstore as a friendly and convivial place, and above all for the love of reading.

The colours are warm, an exhibit welcomes us each month at the shop’s entrance, and the chairs placed throughout allow clients to sit in different areas. She changes the furniture, books, colours, chairs constantly to keep the place current.

A place where ideas are exchanged and shared

Frustrated by the promotion of foreign artists in Tangier, she concentrates on promoting local artists who contribute to the cosmopolitan city. To ensure this mix, Moroccan and international artists must coexist, exchange ideas and exhibit together. She offers them her space and it’s up to the artist to take the stage as he/she likes, determining the time of the exhibit.

Finally, to ensure a lively place, Stéphanie organizes book signings, exhibitions every month and cultural events designed to bring together Tangierians who share similar passions.