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THE NEW PALACE OF TANGIER CITY Since opening in September of 2013, the Farah Hotel is already on the podium as one of the most prestigious places of accommodation in the city. Managed by the Group CMKD, it is nestled on two acres, up from a cliff diving into the waters of the Strait. When you enter the door, the immense space makes you think of h...
DISCOVER The ruins of Zilis are located in the east of Dchar Jdid, towards the Had Gharbia plain, about 31 km south of Tangier and 12 km northeast of Assilah. In the antiquity, relations between North Africa and southern Spain were flourishing, although they had been under the domination of the Roman Empire.
MONUMENT Located fourteen kilometers west of Tangier, the Caves of Hercules have a unique setting on the Atlantic coast. There over 500 years before Christ, they attract many legends.
CULTURE Housed in a large villa built in 1890 to host the British Consulate, the Museum of Contemporary Art features the work of many Moroccan artists. Consisting of six rooms, the museum organizes temporary exhibitions.
READ Built in the late 19th Century by Walter Burton Harris, Villa Harris has led a peaceful existence until it was abondoned in the early 90s. The place is now falling apart and is occupied by homeless personnes, while property developers circle around it thinking of building their dream probject on the site.
READ Built in the late 40s and opened on August 27th in 1950, Plaza de Toros is a historic arena in the city of Tangier. The arena is now largely neglected but a rehabilitation project finally appears to be under way.
READ In the heart of Tangier, The Grand Soco, also called the Grand Souk, is a busy place filled with tourists, residents and vendors selling all kinds of products.
NEWS Located in the heart of the city, Tanger City Center combines residential, offices, a mall and hotels. This is a major construction project that will allow the city to expand in development.
For an educational and rich tour of the city, Made in Tangier has your list of must-see sites. Because behind the white walls, the beautiful city of Tangier is hiding some culture marvels that you won’t want to miss!
We all have our favourite spots for grabbing a bite to eat after a night out. Tangier is no exception and certainly has it's hot spots.
Tangier, a city of writers, ideas, and culture. But we can't talk about culture without talking about bookstores though. Which ones are legendary and unusual? Let Made in Tangier introduce you to a few of our favourites.
FOOTBALL Tangier will host Real Madrid on the 24th of July, 2012.
PRACTICAL INFORMATION Since the summer of 2010, Tanger Med port has welcomed a large increase in travellers heading to Europe. But for the more nostalgic in town, ferries still depart from the Tanger Ville port.
The sun is out, the heat is on. It’s time to head outside and soak up the sun. And cool off by diving into the sumptuous pools located around town. Made in Tanger has tips on the best places combining sunbathing and bronzing.
Travelling alone doesn't have to be lonely, you'll find several things to do for the lone traveller in Tangiers. Restaurants and friendly locales make travelling along a fun experience.

If leaving the beach is not an option, let Made in Tangers tell you about the hottest places to go along the ocean.
Looking to soak up some rays this summer? Made in Tangiers has some tips on the best places to tan and swim in Tangier.
After a stressful and busy week, there’s nothing better than a night out with colleagues or friends, over a refreshing cocktail. Let Tanger By Night! be your guide to the nightlife in Tangier, filled with the cosiest and trendiest places to see and be seen.
A dinner with friends or with a romantic partner, you want nothing but the best. But a place that will answer the question, “Where can we go without spending too much?” Let Made in Tanger help you out.
Mom, dad, kids, grand-parents. Heading out is fun for the whole family! Made in Tangier has a few suggestions that will keep everyone happy.

New in Tangier

Miami Beach

Restaurant Miami Beach , located in the centre of the Medina, serves simple dishes and fresh fish.

Casa de la Pizza

The Casa of the pizza is one of many Italian restaurants in the city of Tangier. This is a small restaurant, unpretentious, at the corner of the resistance in the city centre. The sidewalk is the terrace to enjoy pizza and pasta...

Pizzeria Catering

Pizzeria Catering offers traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

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